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One lady's stamped (18K ROA) 18ct white gold bracelet with Ceylon type sapphires and diamonds

Wight: 18.47grams

Manufacture: Cast and hand finished

Total diamond weight: 0.02ct

The articulated bracelet measures 19cm long from end to end and is secured with an integrated box and snap clash and two figure eights. The bracelet has repeated oblong links. It features three groups of end set sapphires alternating with 2 x illusion set diamonds links.



Ceylon type sapphires - 27 x carre cut, 2.5x2.5mm, very good blue, bright, eye-clean, well cut.

Diamonds - 2 x round brilliant cut, 1.4mm, G colour, SI clarity, 2 = 0.02ct

Saturn Sapphires bracelet

SKU: 13536
  • The name sapphire comes from “Saphirus” and “Sapheiros”. Both the Latin and Greek words mean “blue”, which is the most popular color of sapphire gemstones. It is also believed that the name sapphire comes from Saturn, as the gemstone approximately translates to “dear to the planet Saturn” in several languages.

    Sapphires symbolize virtue, wisdom, and good fortune. That is why the blue variety of the gemstone, in particular, was the preferred stone for royal people of the past. Besides engagement rings, sapphires also featured in many royal crowns and were passed down from one generation to the next as a sign of fidelity and commitment.

    In a blue sapphire and diamond ring, the accent gemstones tend to be white diamonds. As the white diamond symbolizes cleanliness and holiness, it is a perfect match for the sapphire gemstone.

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