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Title: "Poem" from the footprints series.
Technique: Oil on linen.
Height: 30cm
Width: 70cm
Release date: 2015
Colombian nationality

Description: A woman in an intimate setting, she caresses her hair sitting on a divan.

Poema "Poem"

SKU: 25412
  • Belarmino Miranda (1966-), Colombian. Miranda is a painter of extreme realism, with a good technical mastery, and works of marked sensuality in which the female body has primacy.

    "Only love and art"

    “I paint the love that is not afraid to reveal anything because it gives everything. From the hand of ancient masters and in a religious and sacred way he adored the ancient greatness of women. True to her essence without any hidden lie, I just want to capture the greatness of her body and her soul, a woman who is an emblem of perfection, beginning and end... a source of life that gives meaning to my existence”. - Belarmino Miranda.

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