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Oil on canvas

Negro "Black"

  • Tatiana born in Colombia in 1993, since she was little she had a talent
    innate by the art inherited from her mother who also painted, which
    she loses at 5 years of age. Tatiana has been emphatic about her desire to be an artist.

    The element of the Horse in his works has been a way of sublimating painful experiences, managing to transmit them towards deeper emotions, energetic and connected with life.

    She is a graphic designer and founder of "The Illustrated Horse Agenda" and "The Illustrated Cattle Agenda", she has taken courses on different artistic techniques in the city of Medellin Colombia and London United Kingdom.

    In her most recent work, she explores with looser strokes the love for
    horses, with touches of realism expressing the strength, elegance and
    the nobility that these animals possess, in her works, she found that feeling of admiration and respect for horses, highlighting the details and exalting their unique anatomy, achieving a conceptualization of their artistic work.

    Tatiana has participated in collective exhibitions at equine fairs in the USA, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

    Her work is in private collections in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, USA and Mexico

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